Guest Room and Living Room Paint

Painters arrived last week to begin painting the living room and guest room.  The hope was to be finished today but with Sno-kla-poca-lizza-geddon’s arrival on Monday evening we are in a holding pattern.  In addition to painting the walls and trim the job includes patching all the various nail holes and cracks in the plaster and trim.  It is quite a job but the rooms are going to look great when they are finished.

All of the trim will be Sherwin Williams’ “Antique White”:

Antique White

The guest room walls will be Sherwin Williams’ “Versatile Gray”:

Versatile Gray

The guest bath walls will be Sherwin Williams’ “Cloak Gray”:

Cloak Gray

After much debate and multiple samples painted on the wall the living room walls will be Sherwin Williams’ “Nuthatch”:


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  1. Joe Says:

    Love the colors. Did you inherit my dislike of painting? Never could get all the paint out of the rollers.

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